If you truly want to know about Mykonos, you should start by learning more about the historic windmills. They have been part of the island’s history for centuries, shaping its economy and helping the locals thrive financially. In fact, the windmills have managed to establish their value over time and have assisted in the processing of the wheat.

This is of course the basis of the Mediterranean diet, which explains why the windmills have been referred to as the driving force of the whole island. Thanks to the strong winds blowing pretty much throughout the year, the use of windmills became widespread and continued on for a long time, from the 17th to the 19th century. The locals brought their crops and even carried the merchandise from the port straight to the windmills for immediate processing.
Of course, technology has taken its toll in the processing methods and the windmills had to be given up as an option. Nowadays Mykonos windmills are not used in the same way. Most of them have been abandoned, whereas some others have been preserved in pristine condition.

You can visit the windmills mainly found at Kato Myloi on the upper part of Mykonos Town. In this way, you will have the chance to take pictures of them and enjoy the amazing views from above. Some windmills act as museums, as they include the recent history of Mykonos.

Explore the magnificence of one of the finest landmarks of Mykonos, visiting the imposing windmills and seeing from up close how the locals managed to overcome the hardships and come up with an effective method to process agricultural ingredients.
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